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Making a sector stop blinking...

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...in Doom 1, is this possible? Since there's no command for it I've tried to change the brightness to the same as neighbour sectors, but no luck. Is there a way?

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I can't remember if this is just Doom II, or even if I'm remembering correctly, but I seem to recall that the player triggering a W1 or WR line action to set the sector(s) to 255 brightness would cancel the blink...

Pardon that horrible mush of a sentence, and also pardon if that's totally wrong and I'm thinking of UDMF or something.

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It's not possible in vanilla at all - the effect even persists after using a floor texture + effect changing action.

In Boom, you can easily fake it by a "fake" blinking effect. You put a voodoo-doll on a conveyor belt and let it repeatably cross light-changing lines that will make the sector blink. Then at one point raise floor to block the voodoo-doll's movement, so that it can no longer cause blinking.

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