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GZDB / ZDoom - 3D Floor with Blocked Sound between upper and lower sections

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Hi all,

Is it possible to create a 3D floor where sound is blocked between floor layers? For example, a building where the player can wake enemies inside of it without waking enemies outside on its roof (3D floor acting as the roof / ceiling).

I cannot figure out how to do this, if it's even possible at all. Any help or clarification would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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No, it's not possible at all. Sound propagation works on a sector basis; so if sound is heard in the sector all monsters in the sector will hear it.

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I see. I take it there doesn't exist a type of 3D sector which can contain its own sound? Such as, placing an invisible 3D sector which takes up the entire 3-dimensional area that you want to be isolated, and setting said sector to some special type that makes its sound self-contained.

Either way, it sounds like I'll have to work around it for now. Thank you saving me hours of failed attempts at things! ;)

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