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How to make sector lighting in Doom Builder 2?

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First, colored lighting is a ZDoom-specific effect. You need to map in one of ZDoom map formats to have the effect even available (preferably UDMF format). Put a new thing "Sector Effects -> Color Setter" to the sector, and specify RGB values in "Action" tab of the thing. Alternatively, use an ACS script and Sector_SetColor function.


Mimochodem, vitej na Doomworldu. :)

// Translation: "By the way, welcome to Doomworld."

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The original screenshot is apparently from ZDoomGL, an old fork of ZDoom with OpenGL rendering. Nowadays people use GZDoom for that. Colored lighting in ZDoom itself doesn't always look too good because the display is still paletted.

I'll note that in UDMF, you can use sector properties instead of having to plop down a color setter thing.

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