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This is to warn everyone out there who uses MSN Instant Messenger or any web-based email services frequently:

A new virus is going around called the "Hello.exe" worm, perhaps some of you have heard of it, or if you are UNfortunate enough like myself, have caught it. For those of you unaware of it, it basically is a self-running worm that self-copies itself and sends itself to contacts on MSN/Hotmail accounts, I was one of the victims of this, and no thanks to the motherfucker that created it, I have lost ALL of my EDGE DDF project work, and must start all over from scratch. Not to mention I lost my hard drive, all Napster, etc.... The hello.exe worm starts up a dialogue with someone on MSN or sends an attached file to a person in your address book, with the following message "i have a file for u, its really funny" DO NOT OPEN IT, DISCARD IT PROMPTLY AND RUN AN ANTIVIRUS ASAP!... I never DID open the .exe file, but it SOMEHOW managed to successfully infect my hard drive and kill everything on it... Which is also the reason for the "lack of Andy"... There is also another worm similar to the "hello.exe" that follows a similar pattern of attack, it runs the same pattern as it pertains to messaging address lists and MSN contacts, but the worm sends a pre-recorded message from someone as "GeorgeW.Bush@whitehouse.gov" and for every single character typed to an infected person on your contact list, it will display four wink-faces ( ;) ), which becomes quite annoying. It also self-sends a file called "choke.exe" and gives a message about "Have fun with this and blast bush ballz", if you accept it, do the same thing as above told...

I know this seems like a shitty place to put this, but it'd be a shame to see so much hard-efforted well-done work to be ruined anymore, like mine was.


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Man, how bad does that suck. I can feel for ya.


for any one that wants to look over the info on it.

Did you say read write CD coming to your system soon?
Why do hackers do this? If they would use the talent they could make a good living.

good luck,

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