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trying to use ghost monsters in a map.

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hey I'm trying to do something here:

so I'm making this map and I planned to use the ghost monster bug so the player will fight ghost monsters. the middle square holds a demon, and is a crusher, so after that demon is killed another one teleports into that square. I have up to five of these guys under the crusher. after some time in the map, I have an arch-vile teleport into the top square, so he can resurrect the crushed demons so they will pour into the map.

now here's the problem I have. I tested the wad in prBoom+ and it worked out fine with the proper compatibility option enabled, and the demons were ghosts there. however, I tried testing this in a ZDoom-based port, and although the archie can resurrect the demons, they aren't ghosts, and subsequently get crushed again over and over. I have the "Crushed Monsters can be Resurrected" compatibility flag set on yet they are not becoming ghosts like in prBoom+. I've done some reading on the wiki about ghost monsters, and I seem to recall ZDoom disables this bug completely except for maps that have deliberate usage of them. so can I only use this bug for my map in prBoom+ or is there a possible workaround?

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You can force resurrecting crushed corpses through MAPINFO (compat_corpsegibs), but you CANNOT reestablish the Ghost Monster bug in ZDoom. There's a thing like Automatic compatibility that allows to reestablish the bug in some famous historical levels, but as far as I know, there's no compatibility option that anyone can use. Read this 4-year old ZDoom forum thread for relevant details.

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