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Most unusual use of D_BUNNY I've seen

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This is weird. Also, I've expected an Episode 3 ending scrolling screen with unusual custom graphics.

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A truly magnificent manifestation of D_BUNNY. If this isn't art, I don't know what is.

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I nearly watched this, but then I remembered YTP is Internet slang for "pointless waste of time".

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Well the Devil went down to Arlen
He was lookin' for a Hill to steal
He was basically blind 'cause he saw Peggy's behind
And he was killin' to eat some veal

When he came across this young boy
Pawin' on a keyboard and playin' it hot
And the Devil pricked up to fuck a hickory stump
And said, "Bobby, I tell you what"

"You probably didn't know it
But I'm a Doom player too
And if you care to take a dare
I'll just play DM with you"

"Now you play a pretty fast speedrun, boy
But give the Devil his due
I'll bet Romero encased in gold against your Hill
I think I'm faster than you"

The boy said, "My name's Bobby
And Dad says it's a sin
But I'm gonna take your bet, I'm gonna regret
'Cause you're the best there's ever been"

Bobby you jackin' off your stick and play your keyboard hard
'Cause Hell's broke loose in Arlen and the UAC deals the cards
And if you win you get J Romero encased in gold
But when you lose the Devil gets your Hill

The Devil opened up his Dell
And he said, "Let's get on the road"
And fire flew from his fingertips
As he plugged in his board

And then he pulled out a mouse
And Brutal Doom made an evil hiss
And a band of DeHackEd hacks joined in
And it looked something like this

When the Devil finished
Bobby said, "Well, shit
But you just sit down in that chair right there
I'm gonna blow this but hey go easy on me"

Fire on Phobos, run Bobby, run
The Devil's in the House of Arlen's King
Imps in the whore house lookin' for blow
Redcorn does your Baron bite? No Dale, no

Well that ol' Devil raised his head
Because he knew he had Bobby beat
And he kept that golden Johnny
And spat on the ground at Bobby's feet

Hank said, "Dammit, Bobby
If you ever ever try again
I done told you once you son of a bitch
I'll whoop your ass"

He played, 'Fire on the Moons', run Bobby, run
The Devil took the House of Arlen's King
Peggy in the bread pan giving out blows
Redcorn does your boy screw? No Dale, no

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This video is almost as embarrassing as the shit I used to make. But then again, this thread did give me an idea for a sprite.

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[offtopic]Stupid as it may sound, there's an art to YTP. It's a fine line between "ugh" and absolutely hilarious. This one didn't amuse me.. But points for Doom music at least.

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Doomkid said:

[offtopic]Stupid as it may sound, there's an art to YTP. It's a fine line between "ugh" and absolutely hilarious.

[offtopic]For me, they're always "ugh", as well as memes or any wannabe-funny pictures with a text of that one sans-serif font (you know which one).

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