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Thumbnails and FDA's

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How in the world do I make my image links show up as thumbnails in my posts?

It would make presentation of my wads much easier. I doubt anyone wants to click 5 links to see a simple screenshot.

Thanks for the help Gez and Seeker_Of_Truth! now I can thumbnail my SS's!

One more question, how do I play FDA's? I assume they're demos?

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Depends where your images are.

If you use imgur to host images, then it's pretty simple. Let's grab a random image off imgur to demonstrate:

Remove the "gallery" part

Add "?tags"
(When you upload an image, you get a "Get embed code" link just below all the social network icons, under the image itself.)

This will give you this handy little panel:

For use on a forum, click on the "small square" (really tiny thumbnail) or "large thumbnail" (bigger). Then copy/paste the code from the "linked BBCode" box.

Small square:

If you upload several pics at once, you'll get a "generate multiple links" feature, too.

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Thanks guys, helpful community as usual.. I love it here.

I've managed to use the tags to do what I needed thus far, but this info is great for reference and i've saved that panel.

Lol that FAQ may be the most entertaining one i've read.

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Demos (.lmp files) are basically logs of player's game actions. After being recorded, they allow playback on other people's computers and even in different sourceports (but only those compatible ones).

To play demos, put the .lmp file along with the intended .wad file in the directory of your demo-playbacking sourceport (usually PrBoom-plus), open CMD and type this command:

prboom-plus -file wadname.wad -playdemo demoname.lmp
To record demos yourself, you need to type a command like this:
prboom-plus -file wadname.wad -warp 1 -skill 4 -complevel 2 -record demoname
-warp 1 means that MAP01 will be loaded, you can specify any other map of course (a map number).

-skill 4 means that Ultra Violence difficulty will be used, you can specify any other difficulty of course (numbers 1-5).

Complevel is a PrBoom-plus specific feature, it allows to force a specific compatibility:

-complevel 2 means vanilla compatibility
-complevel 9 means Boom compatibility

More info about complevels here.

Vanilla engine and all sourceports support demo recording and playback. However, demos might "desync" (=break, desynchronize) if being played in an incompatible sourceport, incompatible version of a sourceport, or an incompatible complevel than the ones the demo was recorded on. For example, demos recorded in vanilla, Chocolate Doom and PrBoom-plus are never compatible with ZDoom based ports, and vice versa.

FDA = First Demo Attempt. It's a purely arbitrary term, used for a demo that the player records when playing someone else's map for the first time. A valuable way to provide non-verbal feedback on a map is to post an FDA demo.

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You can associate *.lmp files with prboom-plus.exe and view demos by simply double clicking on them. It will find the wads by itself as long as they are located in the port's directory or in the DOOMWADDIR.

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