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Broken Pencil

Require help with DECORATE

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I Need major help with scripting a weapon in Decorate. I'm having major problems with parsing errors and classes to inherent from.

Here's the code for the weapons:

actor Rifle : Weapons 96439

//$Category Weapons
   Weapon.AmmoUse 1
   Weapon.AmmoGive 20
   Weapon.AmmoType "Clip"
   Inventory.PickupMessage "You got the rifle!"
   Obituary "%k riddled %o with bullets."
   attacksound "dspistol"
   Decal "BulletChip"
   Weapon.SlotNumber 4
     RIF4 A 1 A_WeaponReady
     RIF4 A 1 A_Lower
     RIF4 A 1 A_Raise
     RIF2 B 1 bright A_FireBullets (3, 2, 1, 7)
     RIF3 B 0 bright A_GunFlash
     RIF2 B 0 bright A_Quake (1, 2, 0, 1)
     RIF3 B 0 bright A_SetPitch (pitch-0.1)
     RIF2 CD 1 A_SetPitch (pitch-0.075)
     RIF3 C 1
     RIF2 A 1 A_Refire
     goto Ready
     TNT1 A 3 Bright A_Light1
     Goto LightDone
     RIF1 A -1
I based the code off of another gun I got from Realm 667:


Here's what happens when I go into Doom builder:

The weapon I'm inheriting from is supposed to be weapon, but I slightly messed up. Either way, it never works. Not even if I inherit from a Doom weapon (Chaingun).

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actor Rifle : Weapons 96439
Weapon, not Weapons. Update the code, save the wad and tell us what new error message do you get.
There should be a number after Weapon.SelectionOrder, for example:

Weapon.SelectionOrder 987

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Unable to find the DECORATE class 'Weapon' to inherit from, while parsing 'Rifle:96439'

Oh, and I'm using Gzdoom builder by the way.

EDIT: Also got this as well when testing the map with gzdoom:

Script error, "Doom - The Viruswad (2).wad:DECORATE" line 7:
SC_GetNumber: Bad numeric constant "Weapon".

If you want to check the wad for anything, here's the link (Requires Gzdoom!)


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Oops. Heheh, I uploaded that before I read the "Number can't be below 96439" part. But yeah, I already followed those steps (it seems that it STILL doesn't work).

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Broken Pencil said:

I already followed those steps (it seems that it STILL doesn't work).

I did the same changes myself in the wad you've posted, and I've been able to run it in ZDoom without any errors or warnings.

EDIT: GZDoom worked too. I've also opened the wad's MAP01 in GZDoomBuilder and launched it from there, no problems.

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I've found the problem. The wad lacks the rifle sprites. First, they should be placed between SS_START and SS_END markers inside the wad. Second, they must be named RIF1A0 etc., the A0 (B0, C0...) suffix is critical. That's why ZDoom refuses to load the weapon.

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