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Shareware Doom 1 out of date! [user error]

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So uh, the DOOM1.WAD used from the launcher is pre 1.2. I know this because it lacks the secret hallway behind the lowering imp platforms with shotgun stuff behind it.

Just thought I should report this.

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Lulz :P

Yeah, that was autodetected on your system. If you want to redirect it to a newer version, then either go to Wad Options and edit the IWAD path, or open system.cfg in the /user dir and edit it from there (while EE is *not* running).

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Heh, whoops. I need to pay more attention next time.

Even though I know it's become more common for sourceports to autodetect in directories outside of its own, I never liked this feature and never use it, not realizing that Eternity was doing this. I had assumed it was being pulled from the internet, which would arguably be a bad idea if that was how it was actually implemented.

Quasar said:

edit it from there (while EE is *not* running).

I'm not that stupid. :P

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