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Zandronum Mouse Sensitivity Problems

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So in GZDoom I have my mouse sensitivity set up pretty comfortably, but I've been really wanting to play some deathmatch.

In Zandronum, it looks like there's more mouse sensitivity options available, which complicates things to say the least.

It looks like the sensitivity at which you look up and the sensitivity of turning around are split into two different settings, whereas in GZDoom it is only one setting.

I also see something called Lookspring, Overall sensitivity, etc.

I can't seem to get my sensitivity to where it was great in GZDoom. Not only that but it also feels really awkward.

Is there a way I can somehow transfer my mouse options from GZDoom over to Zandronum?

I guess until then I'll have to just turn off mouselook and have autoaim on. :/

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Are you using the most up to date version of both?
Did something get changed from the default in one, but not the other?

Looking at the mouse options in the most up to date version of GZDoom (1.8.10 & 2.0.05) and Zandronum (1.3), the only difference I can see is that mouselook is off by default in GZDoom, but on by default in Zandronum. Also, GZDoom has extra settings that deal with using the mouse to navigate the menu, something that Zandronum can't do. Otherwise, the settings and what they're set to by default, are exactly the same.

If you're willing to upload both of your cfgs or copy and paste all of the text from them into a post, I'll try to figure what's causing the difference.

revan1141 said:

Is there a way I can somehow transfer my mouse options from GZDoom over to Zandronum?

You can copy and paste zdoom.ini from your GZDoom folder into your Zandronum folder and rename it to zandronum.ini

Be advised, doing this will transfer all of your settings, not just mouse options.

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I copied over my ini file to Zandronum and it STILL feels really weird when looking up.

I checked and I am using the up to date versions of GZDoom and Zandronum.

EDIT: Okay so apparently the issue is resolved if I choose to render the game through Software instead of Hardware... ? But then I can't look all the way up.

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