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Temporarily impeding player movement

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Hey, I'm a bit new at making WADs, and I had an idea for a cold themed map based on the interpretation of hell being endothermic rather than exothermic. I was wondering if there was a way to slow or snare the player temporarily in either difficult terrain(walking through snow), or as the result of an attack(Icevile freezes you in place).
I think this would give me more options for playing with the difficulty as beyond hitscan attacks your main defense is to not get hit by projectiles. Any help would be appreciated.

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First, be warned: Such a gimmick will be annoying for the player.

Now to the solution. The first thing you've mentioned was slowing the player down on a terrain. That's easily possible with a linedef action "223 : Friction Tagged Sector : Drag < 100, Slide > 100". This linedef action is available in Boom format and higher (in Hexen and UDMF formats, it might be a different number, but an equivalent surely exists), and will only work in Boom-compatible source ports. The linedef's length will specify the amount of friction. The linedef's tag will specify the sectors where the friction will take effect. Note that each of this sectors should have a Friction bit set, which you do in its Sector Properties (right click the sector) -> Special -> Generalized Effects -> Friction: Enabled.

Secondly, you've mentioned freezing in place as a result of an attack. That will require ZDoom and its DECORATE scripting language to define behaviour of new game objects. It would be rather complicated to do: A projectile that gives a dummy powerup to the player upon impact, and this powerup would temporarily set his Speed to a lower value than 1.0.

Since you've mentioned that you're new to making WADs, I can recommend you to start simple. Instead of immediately caring about features and changes to the core gameplay, get into understanding of basics of level design and gameplay principles. All you need for that is a map editor like Doom Builder 2 / GZDoom Builder, plus a wad content editor like SLADE3. Welcome to Doomworld, and I wish you good luck with your WAD making. :)

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