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Doom Portmanteaus

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This has probably come up before - certainly some use of it was made in Switcheroom - but I've been playing with a map that combines elements inspired by both map02 and e1m2, and that got me thinking about portmanteau names. Ultimately I decided "Nuclear Halls" might work for the map ("Under Plant" sounds too much like "underpants").

In the wider sense though, it got me to consider how you might combine names (between Doom 2 and Ult Doom, or within games, or across other IWADs even). map03 + e1m3 might become "Toxin Gauntlet" for instance, which sounds pretty cool. I'm imagining a grimy, nukage-filled indsutrial zone with lots of gantries for monsters to fire down on you. Or map30 + e2m8 becomes "Tower of Sin": perhaps a long, winding climb to face an IoS boss guarded by a cyber.

Anyone else got some neat name combinations, with or without gameplay concepts associated?

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Switcheroom 2 has a few more of such names and maps. One example for all: Nirvantlet. (Nirvana + The Gantlet)

Also, not a verbal portmanteau, but I think that Jenesis MAP31 : Duality deserves a mention here, as a cross between MAP02s from Plutonia and TNT.

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