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Jaxxoon R

GZDoom Hates UDMF Sector Ceiling Slopes

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So I was up to no good using GZDoom Builder to pretty up a UDMF-format map with some slopes in GZDoom G1.9pre-828-g60ff6c5 when suddenly my autosaves started crashing the game. I got really curious and started fumbling around when I discovered that GZDoom vomits all over itself whenever I set the sector's ceiling's slope properties. Weirdly enough, this thing doesn't happen in Zdoom.

I haven't tested this in GZ 2.0 because I can't even run it, maybe I should try software mode or something but whatever.


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The bug has been fixed quite some time ago. Get 1.8.10 if you can't run 2.x. All 1.9pre builds are completely outdated.

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Oh I see, I had no idea that 1.8 would be a later build (?) than 1.9pre due to the numbering but I guess it makes sense.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though, or I'd never have figured it out.

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