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Texture bug?

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Hey doods and doodettes of doomworld. I am a rather new member of Doomworld and the rest of the DooM modding community and have been approached with a problem I do not know how to handle....


As you can see the sidedefs textures arent appearing in-test.

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It might be a flipped sidedef. Select the linedef, go into its properties and check if its front sector number and back sector's number are the same as the respective numbers in properties of other lines making that pillar, which they should be. If they're not, manually rewrite them in the problematique linedef's properties. If they are, the problem is probably elsewhere.

It might be an unclosed sector. Those are sometimes hard to fix. First try redrawing all of the nearby sectors over the existing geometry, including the pillar itself. If it doesn't help, you'll probably have to delete all adjanced sectors to the problematique area, and draw them again. Unclosed sectors happen when you inconveniently delete linedefs between sectors. To prevent them being created, it's best to Join or Merge sectors before deleting any linedefs, map editors have a special feature for that when you click a button (or press J / Shift J), but keep in mind that sectors will never join or disappear automatically when you just delete lines.

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Thanks for your detailed reply Scifista. None of your solutions really helped. The last step just left me with this... http://imgur.com/6qdEbZ5

EDIT: I managed to fix my problem with your first solution, apparently I hadnt read it right, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! :D

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