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PlayStation sound effects WAD

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Where is the WAD file?


What is this?

I put together a PlayStation sound effects WAD that has the sound effects ripped straight from the Final Doom PSX ISO.

Quality of the SFX is untouched, so it may not be compatible with everything. I only tested it with ZDoom 2.7.1.

What's the point?

Whenever I tried to search for something like this I found dead links or bad versions that were recorded through analog input from a PlayStation. I apologize if this post is wordy for something so simple, but I had to piece together information from old forum posts all over the place on how to do something like this. I am putting all the information in this post for future reference. I may have done some of this the hard way but it has been a pretty good learning experience for me.

I am well aware of the PSX TC, but wanted a separate PSX sound WAD anyway.

This is also the first doom wad/mod/whatever that I've ever attempted, after playing Doom on and off for 15 years. If I am doing this wrong at all, just let me know and I'll do my best to fix it.

How did you do it?

I opened the PlayStation ISO with IsoBuster to extract the .LCD files, which is where the sound effects files are kept in Final Doom.

I then scanned the .LCD files with PSound and converted/exported to .WAV files. When doing this, I set the fade out time to zero and forced sampling rate to 11025 Hz in the configure menu under options in PSound. I used a few .LCD files to do this, as Final Doom PSX keeps the sound effects files in different maps' sound bank files.

After I had the .WAV files, it was a matter of renaming them to their appropriate names for placement in the WAD. I used Sodaholic's wad as a guide for this, and WAD Mangle to view the WAD while doing so. Something I found interesting is that Sodaholic had to mend together two sounds for the Cyberdemon's hoof sound. Final Doom PSX uses two sound files to produce the hoof sound, whereas the PC Doom WAD only uses one sound. I mended the two sounds together using Audacity.

When all were renamed appropriately, I packed them all in a WAD using SLADE. I couldn't use WAD Mangle to build the WAD since the sound files were not downgraded for compatibility. SLADE didn't care about the specifications of the files.

What programs/tools did you use to do this?

IsoBuster - for viewing ISO/extracting .LCD sound bank files

PSound - for sound effects extraction from .LCD files, output to WAV

WAD Mangle - for viewing WAD for filename specification

Audacity - for mending together the Cyberdemon hoof sound

SLADE - for putting the wad together

Credit goes to Aubrey Hodges for creating these awesome sounds.

Thank you Sodaholic for providing sodapsxs.wad and helpful information when I contacted through PM.

FirebrandX, another Doom community member who hasn't been active since 2013 as far as I can tell, but his old forum posts have helped to guide me in putting this together.

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One thing I find interesting is that there's a 3rd death sound for the zombies. I forgot it even existed, I'm pretty sure it's unused in the game itself but it's been a few years since I've actually touched the PSX version of Doom.

Clonehunter said:

What's the difference between the Final Doom PSX and Doom PSX sounds? Are they different? I figured they were same.

To the best of my knowledge, they're the same. It's always more "proper" to get stuff from the most recent version of software, though.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Jaxxoon R: How do I upload it to the archive? I'll definitely do that. I'm not really sure how long mediafire hosts files for.

Clonehunter: As far as I can tell, they're the same. I have never actually played Doom PSX though; Final Doom PSX was just the first version that I ever played, so I went with that. It covered all the sound effects by itself so I figured I wouldn't have to rip anything from Doom PSX.

Sodaholic: Finding that sound threw me in for a loop when I was trying to match up names against your wad. I had to start from the beginning to make sure I wasn't screwing anything up, but in the end I was glad to find it.

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How do I upload it to the archive?

This thread tells you: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/31922-newstuff-and-idgames-faq-read-this/


I'm not really sure how long mediafire hosts files for.

Usually 3-4 years, I guess. Mediafire downloads from 2011 still worked for me (mostly). Those from middle 2010 didn't. Maybe it's less nowadays, but it shouldn't be (much).

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Thanks for this, it's loads better quality than some of the PSX sound wads I've had to endure in the past, but there seem to be (as usual for this type of thing) some sounds that were not in the PSX. One of the zombieman death screams was either not part of the PSX sound effects, or was never used in the game.

EDIT: Never mind, just read the actual thread.

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