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Zenith Zucchini (Actually ready to be played now)

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Map is for E1M1 of Doom 1
"hardcore" version is in E2M1

Mostly vanilla compatible as in you'll probably get a visplane error if you take in too much view so be a bit mindful of that... also you probably wont be able to save your game in vanilla.
Recommended for boom but vanilla is alright too :s

EDITx100: Should be vanilla compatible now

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a0q7s0rshieheqo/zenithzucchiniv4.wad?dl=0
fewer visplanes and better balance

Please provide feedback :)


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Pretty intense map. Had trouble at the start until I found the berserk. One thing that really bothered me was your use of the nukage drain textures near spawn in the rising lowering nukage pond. Great map though. I'll give the hardcore version a shot sometime tomorrow.

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Thanks! Hope you don't mind if I keep the texture like that though.
The "hardcore version" was when I put all the monsters in determined to test without taking anything out of it first and it's an old version too with some differences in the map... it took me 4 hours to beat in one go :P

Sorry for the crappy launch for those who downloaded it when it was a bit of a mess... I got too excited and posted it without extra extended playtesting

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FDA (E1M1, failed). I liked the map a lot, it was non-linear, non-orthogonal, colourful, crazy, fun, unpredictable, exploratory, comfortable to move around, and finally - challenging. Great amount of difficulty and efficient monster placement, especially since this is a Doom 1 map. It's just like your previous maps were in principle. Keep up the good work!

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