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What are some notable wads with very few monsters?

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Khorus said:

Small maps with suitably fewer monsters like Scythe or Speedy Shit? Or larger maps that are more exploration based like some of the maps in Marswar or Nimrod?

Fleshing out your definition would be helpful. :)

Unsuitably fewer (I remember what scythe was like) Level size doesn't matter as long as it feels a lot emptier than a "normal" level. Almost to the point where you think something is wrong.

Nimrod and Mars War do have relatively few enemies but as you said, that's by design.

I guess what I'm looking for are wads which are decent apart from the fact that the author used so few monsters as to be the only thing letting down the wad as a whole?

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Most maps in Cyberdreams have only a handful of monsters...

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