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Swedish/Scandinavian Users? [Doomers Meetup?]

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Hello everyone

Who here are from scandinavia? is my main idèa of question
I want to meet other doomers from where ever in the world
so the second question is: this summer of 2015, who is going to Sweden Rock? wouldnt it be cool with a meetup for us fellow doomers?

Since Sweden Rock presents a wide variety of different musik of rock/metal there should be a big chance that doomers such as me will show up.

So with these two things on topic, I'd also like to know if you sometimes meetup with active doomers, may it be friends or strangers, we arent all locked up in a cellar right?

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D_GARG said:

we arent all locked up in a cellar right?

Speak for yourself.

It puts the lotion on it's skin, or it gets the hose again. :p

I live in Gothenburg myself. However I have no desire to go to Sweden Rock. Been long since I last went to any festival at all. Not really my cup of coffee these days.

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