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Risen3D & Lights

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I know Risen3D doesn't get much love, but I still really like it's sound, movement and lighting... so I like to map for it on occasion. One thing I've never really figured out, though, is how to add a "dynamic light" with a color. In particular, I want to be able to put it where I want with a color and intensity/radius. Mainly for use in enhancing areas of a surface (lights, wall torches, etc).

Does anyone know where I can find info on how to do that using either GZDoombuilder 2 or DeepSea?



Paul L. Ming

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Good to see interest in Risen3D. I too very much like its visuals and sound. In fact, its sound, IMO, is perhaps the best in any Doom port. I even got a Sound Blaster card with Creative Alchemy primarily so that I could continue to use Risen3D's full EAX effects under Win7.

I have a long standing intention to produce something for Risen3D one day. Unfortunately, I never seem to have the amounts of free time that I used to. So when I do get the opportunity to do some editing, I tend to stick with what I know ((G)ZDoom mainly) because I can get stuff done quickly.

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Yeah, Risen3D needs more love. Actually, what it really needs is some more "artist/mapper friendly" tools to help with the map building process. I use GZDoomBuilder 2 for most of my mapping.

The Risen3D.cfg file for GZDoomBuilder 2 is nice...but, as I said, R3D needs more artist friendly stuff. Like being able to add dynamic lights and other "map spots" in the editor, and then define their specifics in-editor as well. (like GZDB2 lets you for GZDoom/Hexen/Heretic).

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