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Graf Zahl

Hexen ports?

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For analyzing a problem I need a Hexen port that:

- stays as close as possible to the original game
- is easy to set up under Windows
- can be readily compiled with Visual Studio 2005 or newer

Does such a thing even exist? Any port I know fails at least one of my required criteria.

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I've read your thread at the ZDoom forums that prompted this question.

But certainly, with regards to ports in the last five years, you've probably only got Chocolate HeXen, Doomsday, Delphi Doom, Vavoom, fan port's to consoles (i.e Wii, PSP etc) and ZDoom (and derivatives).

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Yeah, that's the problem, and ZDoom obviously doesn't meet my needs because I want to understand the mechanics behind the behavior.

And Doomsday just is too much for what I try to find out. I guess I have to manage to get Chocolate Hexen to compile then...

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OK, never mind. Just looking at the chocolate source revealed the solution for the mystery. No need to debug it any further.

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