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(story by Empirestatebuild)

It is the year 2667th. Year after the great apocalypse. Not many people left, and the ones who did, don't stick together much. In the system Galactica, 17 out of 18 planets have been conquered by the zombie race. There is 50% more of them every year on every planet. Since they started breeding back in 2600th total increase of them was 255 billion. Still increasing. While on the last planet where humans live, planet Sarmatia, people are living in bases, controlling their numbers.

After your first encounter with them in your base, you decide to go and kill them all.

MAP01: The Beginning - 100%
Secrets: 2
Enemies: 16/23/29

MAP02: Through the Dead - 35%
Secrets: 3 (for now)
Enemies: 0/0/0 (didn't start adding them)

This is the only one that I'll really finish (hope so)

Estimated release date: 15th May 2015.

I hope you're hyped!

I will post screenshots on 1st March.

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DoomLover234 said:

I hope you're hyped!

Sorry, but in all honesty, considering that you're completely unknown here and haven't posted a single screenshot of your work and nobody knows what to expect from your wads quality-wise or otherwise, no.

Quoting a part of /newprojecttag: "Keep in mind we've already seen thousands of upcoming projects that actually never got done."

Screenshots would be nice, otherwise there's little to no point of this thread's existence.

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