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Challenge: Speedrun Entryway and exit with 108% health and 101% armor

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Because it's the maximum health and armor you can have in the map.

Just a quick idea, which I'm kinda ashamed to put, considering that I'm not a speedrunner myself, but I still thought that it'd be fun to see if anyone accepted the challenge. Consider it just a random suggestion for a quick activity. So, who can post the fastest speedrun?

Categories: UV speed, UV max, NM speed, NM 100% secrets, Pacifist, Tyson

No mystification intended, the winner only gets a satisfactory feeling and an unguaranteed promise of fame among the demo community. :)

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I've checked the wiki before posting the thread. It's not the same thing. MMH watches minimum health anytime during the demo. I watch only the exit status.

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I've realized that Memfis was right. The MMH rule "if the player takes no damage, then exit health is used" has a more significant effect than I thought, therefore the category is actually similar to what I've proposed here (minus the armor).

4shockblast said:

I was bored, so I did a run

That's just how I've imagined it. :)

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