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Bloodbath.wad (GZDoom) (Screenshots)

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Just a small wad I spent eight hours on yesterday while I was at work. I think it's pretty fun.

I used textures found in Mortres and Gothictx. Those files are included in the link, along with SBrightmaps, PSXMusic, and lights. I'd like to hear any constructive criticism!

I hope you have as much fun playing this as I had making it.

This is designed for classic doom, but works great in brutal doom as well.


If you already have those addons, or just don't want to use them, here is the standalone wad file.


This is a Doom II Map01 replacement.

(I never played Plutonia Revisited, and I just happened to come across a video on youtube of somebody playing a map on Plutonia Revisited called Bloodbath. This was unintentional.)

This is the area before the bossroom.

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