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Hexen doors?

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well first thing to make a door in doom in hexen format its... just make it like a normal door. i mean the ceiling must be at the same heigh of the floor (in the door sector)

Now you have to open the linedef (door linedef) property and its depends wich door special you use. lets go with the "door Raise"

sector tag: 0 if you dont want the door being activated by something else like a swicht

movement speed: the speed which the door going to open lets set it with 25

close delay: the amount of time that the door will remain open. lets set it with 75

light tag: this its optional its just to add to the door a light effect from another sector (like if you open the door from a dark side and the other side it have light well the light will make brighter the dark side of the sector).

Trigger: set it with player uses

Now that you have meet all those requeriments be sure of one thing: you see when you make a linedef those have a little pointer? be sure thar pointer in the line of the door its pointing outside of the door sector and not inside, otherwise you door will not open and will happen what happen in your image.

to flip the lines of any linedef just select it and press F

Hope that helps

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Thanks for taking the time to reply Z0k, I appreciate it. I had already done those steps exactly from the tutorial, the problem just turned out to be a weird sector near my door. ^.^

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Using Doombuilder2 or GZDoom Builder:

1. highlight the sector which is be a door
2. press Shift+D
3. select textures in the pop-up menu
4. press OK

5. open linedef dialog
6. change values from default settings, if needed

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