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[Doom64] Altering the map layout?

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Yo o/

I've -re-played some DooM64 recently, and I had something really... Strange, to say.

To keep it short, I've played Map06 (Alpha Quadrant), and that really sucks given its difficulty, way over the other maps.

Anyway, I grabbed that blue key, and run through the exit, and decided to get that Megasphere I left (secret #01). Problem, is that part of the map next to the exit closed down (was that a normal behaviour?).

After moving a lot around the level, only a small part of the level opened (revealing that cute "I SUCK AT MAKING MAPS" placeholder texture), making me able to thankfully finish that level.

I shortly redid the map, thinking it was a sector that'd close down, but absolutely nothing was done the second time...

I recorded that evidence by pure chance:

So my question is the following: Has anyone of you have been, one day, unable to finish a map by the most strange and unexplicable reason on a sudden map change on DooM 64?

Thanks in advance guys o/

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If you strafe run or use neutral reset you can skip triggers. There are quite a few places in the game where you can either get stuck or see an area in a state you never should where there isn't a texture applied; hence the 'I suck at making maps' texture. I think the engine just shows that there if there is no texture set.

The game has a lot of fake room over room stuff so sometimes that's where you'll see things like that.

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