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(Another) Carmack Interview

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Gamespy, lucky bastards that they are, have posted an exclusive interview with John Carmack, famed coder for, and part-owner of, id Software. Carmack discusses, well, the engine for Doom 3, as well as a few other snippets about other topics. Here's a little snippet:

I try to keep us focused on building our particular game, rather than trying to solve all the world's problems. There are some tough judgement calls to be made during development about whether something is an elegant extension of our chosen technical paradigm, or if it is unjustified work. Having the inclination and authority to just say "no" to feature requests has been an important aspect to being able to write quality code. Too many programmers agree to random feature requests without thoroughly considering the impacts. I try to err on the side of elegance in implementation, rather than feature coverage.

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