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Just GZDoom - Round 2 - Sign up/Mapping period

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First I want to apologize for not managing Round 1 very well. I think what happened was the small timeframe of mapping and making the testing period so short (working long hours didn't help either). This time it will be a 6 month mapping period and I want to get some kind of dedicated testing group to squash any bugs that appear during the testing process.

For this round I'm going with a suggested theme, being that Doomguy enters a whole new world as if he entered some other person's game. You don't have to go with it when you make the map, but it's an idea to mess around with that I might go for when I make my map.

Here are some rules. I've added a few to allow some increased creativity.

-A GZDoom or Zdoom map (The mapset will ultimately be for GZDoom though).
-Coop starts + compatibility for Co-op multiplayer in (G)Zdoom.
-You may use any mapping feature introduced by GZDoom. Be sure to be creative. However, please do not assume dynamic lights are your main lighting source for the map and don't be excessive with them.
-You may start a new map or continue a map in progress as long as it goes with the rules.
-You may use whatever theme of textures you like. It is highly encouraged you introduce custom textures into your level and create a unique theme. Just make them in PNG format in a separate directory in Textures.
-You are given 100 DoomED numbers which can be used for the following.
*New Monsters (any amount, but preferably something unique that adds something new to the gameplay)
*Inventory items that act as keys/quest items.
*Pickups/Powerups that don't replace (as in Decorate replace) pickups already created by Doom. (You can create new pickups that represent reskins of say, medikits, but don't replace the medikit actor when doing so).
*New Weapons (Please use the Weapon.Slotnumber method described here. You may not create a new class or replace any existing weapon.
-When creating a new Decorate actor, please create a consistent prefix, such as TACOS for TACOSMyNewAwesomeNewActor.
-You may introduce sounds for your map as long as they do not replace anything (So say, ambient noises and maybe doors and such).
-You may not introduce assets in general that replace anything.
-You may not make scripted cutscenes or anything that suggests it. This breaks immersion and boom style gameplay really fast.
-You may have the "handholding" text that Quake and Hexen use ("Press that button!" "You hear monsters farting above you"). I would use it sparingly though.
-Music can be in any format with a small exception. Please use a looping OGG instead of MP3 if you can. MP3s don't loop in ZDoom.
-Please submit your map in PK3. If you have trouble I can help you package it or Use this guide. Thanks.

You have until September to complete your map. After which the submitted maps will enter the testing period. When you enter the mapping period I'll assign you the DoomED numbers for you to work with. If you decide to do a second map or even a third, you get another set of DoomED numbers but after you submit the first map.

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BlackFish said:

But does it conflict with gameplay mods if someone were to do that?

No, it shouldn't, the new weapon should be always available to use, as long as you use the method described in paragraph "In the weapon actor" on the linked wiki page.

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I'll hopefully actually be able to contribute to this one. :P

BlackFish said:

For this round I'm going with a suggested theme, being that Doomguy enters a whole new world as if he entered some other person's game.

Dime will be pleased. :D

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