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A quick mention of some of the old schoolers who have died/gone missing

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First and foremost - one of my favorite people - Jive.
If you DIDN'T Know Jive then I think you missed out on a real experience. He was special. And I miss his presence in the community. I still keep his work alive here:

Also, I'd like to throw out a mention for Looney2ner who pioneered so much in the game including his fabulous Looney Tune Doom.

I saved as much as I could from that old site. Wherever you are Looney, we miss you.

Jeremy Stepp - a free soul who, I hear, died several years ago. I don't really know and I'm hoping it's not true, but Kudos, you were a great mapper.

Shitbag - still alive to my knowledge and a real pioneer in the mapping community. It was he who taught me 3d in Doom which brought a whole new level of design to my mapping.

Wolfy - aka Wes Burd. Man, I wish I knew where this guy was. Holy SHIT he could design a map.

There are more - so many more, but these are the guys I spent time mapping with, bullshitting with and generally learning Doom mapping from and I wanted to give them a mention.

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Dittohead comes to mind for me. I think he found Madden on xbox and never came back.

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