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Project - Chaingun [Multiplayer Frontend]

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Chaingun is a zdoom/gzdoom multiplayer frontend
it is currently in a unstable alpha state,
but i will still include a download,

Since this projects is currently under HEAVY developments
expect there to be bugs.

If A Find Bugs:

please comment on the bugs found and how you ran into them
so that i may fix them

Is Chaingun A LAN Only Multiplayer Frontend?

no, as long as you port forward the port 5029
you should be able to play with your friends where ever they are
(as long as they are on earth..)

Why Release Chaingun at such a early point in its life?

I want peoples feedback so that when chaingun comes out of alpha
it will be just the way people want it to be. NO BUGS and Extremely user friendly.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vgssdtl30bds65k/Chaingun_Multiplayer.exe

Know Glitches/Bugs;

- The Deathmatch mode is in development so it doesnt work (it does however make the game VERY difficult choose it as skill if you like really difficult gameplay)

-program isnt too appealing to the eye comment on what you would
like to see changed in visuals

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BlackFish said:

What's an "Editional Argument?" You mean, Additional?

hahaha epic fail, i was tired will change now


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