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Hello Wraith. Can you please test your maps in prboom-plus? This new one is pretty cool (wow at the architecture) but in classic ports it breaks because you're using a SR action with a zero tag in at least one place, which means that it is applied to all sectors with no tag. ZDoom fixes this, but most ports don't. You could broaden your audience by making your maps playable in more ports.

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You are right in that point Memfis. I always play on zdoom. At the moment i have tested another map i finished after Tekloniton and there are issues opening some doors as well, the map is playable though.

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I've liked your past maps, but I agree with Memfis--I remember Colossus (for example) breaking on me due to a ZDoomism as well when I first played it. Fortunately I was enjoying it enough to start over in ZDoom, but since you don't generally use much in the way of ZDoom-specific effects I reckon it's worth testing in PrBooM+ or something before release. Good 'fan service.'

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