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Professor Sir

Doom Player Personality REVAMPED

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Please remember this is for fun. I do not take resopnsibility for possible misinterpretations, lost game progress, increased blood pressure, or heart failure caused by this article.

Have you ever wondered what sort of bloodthirsty monster you are? Have you ever asked youself, "Self, what psychological impact does playing this game have on me?"

Please answer this short quiz:
1: How many projectiles does the Plasma Rifle launch per second?
a) Enough to kill fast, so who cares?
b) How dare you insult my gameplay intelligence with such a simple question?
c) It's too loud; you can't hide its sound from other players.

2: How often do you rocket-jump?
a) Why waste such a beautiful tool of destruction?
b) Only if the ceiling height does not interfere with launch trajectory.
c) And alert all those monsters? Bah!

3: Hitscan or Projectile Weapons - Which are better?
a) I think the BFG can use both! Faulty Question!
b) Projectiles allow for a more planned approach.
c) Hitscans are instantaneous. Why use a weapon you can outrun?

4: A melee-using hulk of an enemy stands before you, and you're out of ammo. What do you do?
a) Punch away! Enough strafing'll solve anything!
b) Hide in a small crevice. The enemy obviously can't fit in anything thinner than 98 units.
c) Run back and look for any secret rooms/ammo dumps/exits you may have missed.

5: You open a door and see hordes of enemies before you. However, none seem to be alerted yet. What do you do?
a)Have a blast (very punny I know) with your rocket launcher.
b)Line up as many as possible in one SSG shot, and go from there.
c)Attract their attention, only to hide away and let them argue amongst themselves. (With bullets)

If you answered A to three or more questions, you are...

A beast of pure animalistic violence, you live to make others dead. Many have tried to pay you with money or gifts for your deeds, but no payment can top splattering your enemies across the floor. The sound of a charging BFG shot intermingled with the moans of soon-to-be-mush zombies causes euphoria in you. A second without the sound of an explosion can feel like an eternity, but a lack in bloodshed can feel infinitely worse. You may have, at one point, actually liked (*shudder*) ...Brutal Doom.

If you answered B to three or more questions, you are...

You are a plan-master, specializing in Master Plans. You know almost every game mechanic to heart, and how to use it perfectly. The cone of fire of a shotgun is more deadly in your hands than the weapon itself. Although the chaingun is nice, the Plasma Rifle is actually usable for you. Using crazy predicting skills, you can fire a projectile ahead of the monster and it will walk directly into it. Your deliberate, methodical movements do nothing to truly complement your mathematics, especially on the splash damage radius of an individual rocket.

If you answered C to three or more questions, you are...

You are a ninja of the night, and a warrior of words. Other players quiver in their boots at your mere mention, if they ever expect you behind them in the first place. Monsters can never see your face, not that they target you anyways. From a simple physical gesture of your presence, a mass war is sparked among your foes. On occasion, and with the help of explosives, you can convince the floating meatballs that they themselves are the problem. For you, secrets are not such. You leave many stones unturned, because you already know whether anything is under them.

If you had NO majority, you are...

You are adept at improvisation. Unnecessary risks aren't for you, complex plans seem meaningless, and silence seems meaningless when your guns are louder than a jet engine. No challenge ever had a method; instead you watched what your enemy did. You give Newton's Laws the finger on an hourly basis; For every action against you, there was a unequal, overkilling reaction. While you may lack finesse, effectiveness is undeniable. Unlike other types, you aren't bound to a single method. Depending on the situation you can go from a maniacal death machine to a creature of the shadow instantaneously.

Next, choose one of the fitting prefix modifiers below: Standpoint on Mods
You follow strict standards of gameplay, never straying from the straight path of Original Perfection
You move around, going from one world and architect to the next. Your toolbox of death is always the same, though.
You modify the game so much, the things you're fighting probably can't be called "demons" at this point.

Now choose the most fitting prefix modifier below: Time Spent Playing
Cocky Corporal
Although your career started only recently, it is off at a good pace. Nothing will ever stop you, much less keep you from your goal.
Honored Soldier
You have done more than save the world a few times. Countless monsters have crumpled at your feet, despite just a few years of time.
Remembered Veteran
You have been there since the beginning, following every step of progress. You have traveled the moons of Mars and the depths of Hell for as long as you can remember. Many things you regret, despite all your contributions.

Finally, put the Prefix in front of your title and the Suffix at the end.
For example, I am a Nomadic, Honored Soldier of Running N' Gunning

Are there any other roles you can think of, maybe another set of prefixes/suffixes? How about some more fitting questions? Any playstyles that were missed? (there probably are)

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So I'm a Nomadic, Remembered Veteran, Run and Gunner.

Well sort of, I may or may not mod the game a lot, or a little, or not at all. But I've been with the game for Donkey's

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I am a Traveling, Remembered Veteran, of Run N' Gunning.

Sweet. Now my parents can be proud of all those countless hours I spent playing Doom. I got a title of notoriety bitches.

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Nomadic, Remembered Veteran of Running N' Gunning

Answers: A, C, A, C, B

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1) A.
2) A.
3) C.
4) A.
5) No definite answer, I do all.

You move around, going from one world and architect to the next. Your toolbox of death is always the same, though.

Honored Soldier
You have done more than save the world a few times. Countless monsters have crumpled at your feet, despite just a few years of time.

Traveller, Honored Soldier of Butchering.

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I answered:

2)I hate rocket jumping because I'm horrible at it and I risk killing myself. So...




I think I'm a Nomadic, Cocky Corporal of Running 'N Gunning.

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I'm a Travelling Remembered Veteran of Run'N'Gunning.

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1. a + b
2. a + b
3. c
4. c
5. a + b + c

Traveler, Honored Soldier, and I fit the criteria for BUTCHER, STRATEGY, NIGHT and RUN 'N GUNNER at the same time.

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A, A, A, C, B

Apparently I'm a Nomadic Cocky Corporal of Butchering.

In movie terms I reckon I'm the brave young Lieutenant who gets killed in the second act by the Wehrmacht sniper/daemon hordes/scary dogmatic aliens.

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answers: B, A, C, C, A
i am traditionalist, remembered veteran of run&gunning(allrounder)!
first played doom in 1994 which was not too late. and although my main interest has turned to quake(and 2), counterstrike, needforspeed and simcity, i frequently come back to doom now and then.

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As a Traditionalist Honored Soldier and RUN 'N GUNNER He answered with the following letters on the test ; A,A,C,C,B.

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Traveling Honored Soldier of Running n' Gunning

Though I experiment from time to time with gameplay mods, I always find myself coming back to vanilla.

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