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Doom Squared Part 7

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Doom Squared Chapter 7


...All the monsters here were killed off now, and i could finally relax. It was here that I had seen two new monsters that I hadn't encountered yet. The first was the skeletal "Revenents", who packed quite a punch in their fists and in their rockets. The other new creature was some weaker form of the Baron I had encountered, and since the level lower than baron in the feudal system is knight, I named it the "Hell Knight". I finally had a chance to rest in the large structure surrounded by acid; it was 8:00 am.

The alarm in my helmet woke me up 4 hours later. It was noon, and I decided to head on to the spaceport and teleportal , which were getting closer and closer. I walked across the bridge and opend the door. Another switch reveiling a manhole in the floor. I went down it and began towards what the map of the city showed as the "Teleportal Control".

This tunnel was narrow and dark. I had come across a few imps within the first kilometer, but asides from them it was quiet down here. I looked at the map and saw that I was now within 100 feet of the building. I turned off my headlamp as the light in the tunnel came closer.

There was a round concrete room with light shining down from a drain far above. There, in the shadows, I could see a dark figgure with a gun pointed dow this hallway. He must have heard me coming, but couldn't see me yet. My first thought was that it could be another undead soldier, but then I decided to test a little theory. I turned off the small speaker on the outside of the helmet and turned on the radio. I identified myself and the figgure responded. He identified himself as Private Alex Davidson, a member of the Chicago UAC facility for Teleportation. I was the most releived I had ever been in months. This was the first true human I had seen in weeks.

Under his helmet, he was a young marine, about 24, who had been in the corp for about 1 year now. He had bleached blond hair, blue eyes, and some strange dark birthmarks on the sides of his neck.
We shared our stories about what had happened over the last year. He told me that the creatures had first started appearing in Italy, Washington D.C., and Beijing about 5 months ago. The best weapons could not defeat them, and many had died in this new war. He was skeptical about my encounters in Hell, due to the fact that he was a strict Catholic. He had muilt a small nest in this small sewer room. There was a couple of medikits here, that he had been using for his burns and for rations. There was also a small space blanket like the one I used back in the waterworks. On the wall there was a ladder leading up to a drain about 30 feet above.

According to him, we were right under the bunker that contained the "Teleport Hub" for North America. He had been posted here when It happened. The base was laid out in three square rings. The first was the operations ring, the second was a outdoor trench in the ground, surrounded by an electric barbed wire fence. The "Core" of the building, which we were under, had four huge charging batteries and the Hub in the center. The Hub was a cube of some red material, coated in a layer of flesh since the arrival of the monsters. When he had seen the "brain robots" storming over the trench, he pulled the emergency override switch and watched as walls went up around him. He had been living in this hole for one month now.

I started to ask him about the monsters he had seen. By "brain robots", I thought he ment the looming Spider Masterminds like I had seen in Hell and Vatican City. I described my version of them, but he said the one he saw were half that size, and shot green plasma, not a chaingun.

We decided to attack the base tonight. First, we would have to restart the batteries, then wait for them to charge, then somehow use the Hub to get us to the starport. It was 5:00, and we began to climb the ladder.

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I like the 'after-action report' presentation of this story. The only downside to it, however, is that it loses a sense of action and speed. If you spiced up the writing a bit, made it more descriptive, you'd be onto a pure belter :)
Aside from these points, very well written; i'll be looking for the next part...

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