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Small Zdoom mods: Stackable Green Armor + Green Invulrn Vision

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Some boredom mods I made. One of which (Stackable Green Armor) I wanted some feedback on regarding the gameplay change since I kind of want to have something similar for a game I'm designing. The other mod simply changes the black and white view with the Invulnerable pickup to a green view, which is much less harsh to my eyes. The stackable green armor replaces the Green Armor with a version that acts like a 100 armor bonus so you don't have to wait to pick up that next green armor.

Stackable Armor
Green Invulrn Vision

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Stackable armor is good, except that it will be picked up even if the player has full 200 armor - you need to remove the INVENTORY.ALWAYSPICKUP flag, and not just omitting it, but literally write "-INVENTORY.ALWAYSPICKUP". Maybe also make it give less armor points, like 50. If you're going to design a map (or a whole new game?) with this armor behaviour in mind, smaller-to-medium sized pickups would be better balanced IMO, if you've taken them into account while mapping.

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Yeah I was thinking about having 50 armor pickups be common and 100 being the "big" one similar to what Unreal Tournament has.

Also, updated the Armor mod per suggestion regarding picking it up after the Megaarmor.

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