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Idea: An episode with nothing but silly Prog Rock (Camel, Yes, etc)

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No, not Prog Metal (we have plenty of that, not a bad thing though) I was listening to Camel and realized there isn't much presence of such style music in Doom. There's some (BTSX2's happy music, Swim with the Whales), but I thought it would be neat to have a series of levels that reflect the style of music. Looking at the Doom Musician thread also triggered this thought.

Would you think there's a demand for levels that reflected something like...

in fancy psychedelic colors? It would be more of Doomguy going on an adventure vs something super serious. Just a thought, wondering if anyone agreed.

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FYI: City of Doom is an episode that uses primarily classic prog rock midis (Pink Floyd, Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, etc). I'd say they go pretty well with these confusing as hell levels. :)

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i could dig battling through prog rock album covers, tho truth be told there are already plenty of topographic oceans in doom if you know where to look

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If dream theater was in the set, it would probably be some of their lighter stuff (images and words, falling into infinity). I wouldn't mind seeing Metropolis pt 2 (the Falling into Infinity Demo version) or Trial of Tears be a theme for a map. 6DOIT (the song) isn't a bad one either.

In terms of Prog metal, Jimmy did a pretty cool song that's similar to Lost Not Forgotten for BTSX2.

Edit: I would love to see a map dedicated to Yes - The Ancients from topographic oceans.

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