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Does anybody here play APB?

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I've been playing APB since the closed Beta back in 2008, then left it when it came out for sale. Then came back to it when it came out on Steam as free to play and ever since then I've been playing it on and off.

I only have one friend who plays the game, but he hardly plays so I was wondering if anybody here plays it?

I've tried joining clans in the past, but due to my erratic log on nature, I just get kicked from them.

If anyone plays and doesn't mind hanging out, then I'm up for any games whenever. I have currently two characters I play, Electrostanzia and ElectroCop. First a criminal and the next an Enforcer. I play on Obeya.

If it matters to anyone, I'm not a highly skilled elite APB is the only game that matters type of player. I'm silver threat, but I do sometimes fluctuate into gold....but yeah I'm not looking for a mega serious team up or anything, just someone to play with and have a laugh and get some good games out of it. I do have Mumble, Skype or Teamspeak (Somewhere) if anyone likes to voice chat.

My Steam is the same name as here.

These are my cheesy characters. >_>

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I don't play, but I see one of my Steam friends in it a lot. I'll pass it on to him.

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geo said:

I don't play, but I see one of my Steam friends in it a lot. I'll pass it on to him.

Ahh cool, sounds good!

BaronOfStuff said:

Looks like a laugh. I'll give it a try later on.

Yeah it's a bit of fun. The game...is a bit wonky, and for any bad press it may get, I still like it.

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Yeah a lot of people don't like the game, and yeah, I know all the reasons, I've heard it all.

But, I do like it...I do play it and get some fun from it.

I agree on the flaws of the game, won't deny the wonky game that it is..but despite this, I enjoy it and would just like to group up with people every now and then and have a few games.

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