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General Rainbow Bacon

A small map

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FDA. Had to restart once because I didn't understand that it's for Boom.

It was fun. Indeed didn't look too hard so of course I had to start in this style and then cleaning up that mess was exciting. I couldn't figure out the gunfire switch by myself so I cheated and looked in the editor once.

Also noticed two visual bugs, maybe you played in OpenGL and they didn't appear there:

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Played in ZDoom.

On the starting path you have three W1 linedefs crossing three sectors which close the silver bars. They are opened by a GR switch, so that's okay. But the next two walls also have three separate W1 linedefs which close them and the switches which open them are S1. So it's possible to get to the exit room, leave to get more ammo and close off the walls again with no way to finish the level. Fastest fix is to make the switches SR. Best fix is to have just one W1 for each closing sector so you don't have to search the entire level for the switch that opens that wall.

Texture mis-alignment by the crusher switch.


Speaking of the crusher switch - at first I thought it was a dummy switch. When I used it, there was no switch sound and the texture didn't change. I didn't hear the crusher start because loud monsters trying to kill me.

AV in the last room no threat. You can see his head over the top of the wall. Fired rockets from the top of the stairs against the back wall until the splash damage killed him.


Also two of the PEs are stuck in the wall.


Edit: Played it again and realized the crusher switch doesn't start the crusher. It re-starts it after you've walked in and stopped it. You have a linedef tag 14 which starts the crusher right at the Player 1 start. So all the Chaingunners under the crusher are killed before you've taken three steps, which makes them pointless. Maybe if they were all underground in an instant-up pit so you walk in, stop the crusher, pop up the Chaingunners. I'd certainly be surprised and wonder how they avoided being crushed.

Edit2: Or was that the point? To have dead bodies for the AVs to resurrect?

No, ignore that. When bodies are crushed, they become a Pool of Blood and AVs can't resurrect a Pool of Blood. It would be cool if they could, but there's no property inheritance. Ooh, that's an idea. A room full of Pools of Blood all being resurrected into different monsters. Sounds like a coding project for a ZDoom-in-Hexen format map. Or re-defining every monster in DECORATE with an additional Pool of Blood sprite for a crushing death, like I've seen for a frozen death.

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