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hello guys.

At the moment i'm working in a map on heretic under vanilla, so my goal is a map under any source port, including vanilla mode. Do you know any program/utillity or something that show you how many visplanes you're seeing while i'm playing/editing my map. I think there are programs that work only in doom, but i want something that runs with heretic too since i consider myself an active mapper for heretoic, and testing everymoment on dosbox is tedious and boring for me.

Thanks in advance guys, and sorry if there are some mistakes there, i'm not a native english.

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Get the Visplane Explorer plugin for Doom Builder 2 or GZDoomBuilder. You'll be able to check VISPLANEs and DRAWSEGS while editing the map in the editor. You might need to manually raise closed doors (etc.) to see the full potential visplane/drawseg count.

I believe that there's no Heretic-compatible port/utility that shows limits while the game is played, like ChocoRenderLimits does in Doom.

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