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Warface game. what you guys think?

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I have been playing "Warface" for a while now. The game has been seriously bashed around every side by reviewers everywhere, but I find it neat and fun. The thing is, the coop part of the game is just too strong to be overlooked by "stupid" style gameplay. you just HAVE to play it right, you CAN'T do whatever you want with the game, or you'll lose. I always thought there should be a game that can only be played "the right way", you know? "coop like in the movies" type of gameplay. force ppl to play it cooperatively, but for real. this game has been put a lot of effort design-wise, to make it happen...
and I was wondering... what if....?
would it be cool to make a "coop-preferably" .wad that would put 4 players in a straight "so linear it'll make you puke" type of map forcing them to play together, to wait for the whole team to advance at the same pace and PLAY TOGETHER like REAL BUDDIES and not like "everyone on their own, f*** y'all" type of gameplay we're all used to?
I think I'd know how to make such a .wad.
has it ever been done before? I'm sure it has, but I don't know any such maps. Could any of you point out one or two, just to see what to do/avoid in bringing such an idea to light?
thanks for your time. If you play this said "warface" game on steam, send me a pv and I'll add you.

ps: the type of gameplay I'm talking about, to be "the right way to play", is kinda like seen on that "Disturbia" movie, where the kid plays a team-deathmatch game with his buddies, using a mic, sharing battle details over the mic and everything, just everything that would make a dream come true for me if I ever play a team deathmatch game like that.

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The game is great and Realistic but the only thing that sucks in it That you have to Pay2Win, Most thing i loved in this game is it's boss fights ....

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the mandatory p2w claim is blatantly NOT TRUE I just can't figure out how is it that it could last for so long around. I DO CURRENTLY PLAY the game on a daily basis and haven't spent a single penny on it. I'm an absolute, infamous, bold-face freeloader and have unlocked outfit, weapons, extra's and missions without spending money.
It's true you can buy stuff to make "winning, easier". but there's no reason for paying for anything at all. you can finish the game (you'd have to be some kind of FPS god to finish the skilled levels with a 'three players' team) without spending a dime.
'nuff said.

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