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Fredoom v0.6.4 map 31(Wolfenstein)

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Hi guys, if you can tell me how can you access to Map 32(Grosse) of Freedoom, i'll be glad to you

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0.6.4 was not confirmed to be beatable. You can use cheat codes to get to the map. The official way to get there may not exist.

All maps in 0.7 are fully exit-able. One main goal of 0.7 was to make sure game was fully playable until the end.

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Because I've and Iphone, and on the Appstore there's an app called Gameception, and this app can let you to play FREEDOOM V0'6.4.
But, besides FREEDOOM, you can play DOOM, DOOM 2, PLUTONIA, TNT and all wads made in the years.
I'm curious too: Where are you from? I'm from Italy, from the region called Liguria, near the France, since Ventimiglia is near Nice, near the border between France and Italy

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