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How to remove everything from my pc except windows?

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I have a computer that uses windows 7 which is now full of junk and possibly some viruses and maleware. Is there some way to just restart the whole OS in away which cleans everything from the computer except windows which makes your PC appear to be just the way it was when you first got it? If it requires the actual windows 7 disc I don't know what that thing is.

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...what you are asking is simply equivalent to formatting the HD and starting over with a Windows installation disk.

Since you didn't state that you want to preserve any data, you might as well save yourself (and us) a lot of grief and just start over.

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hardcore_gamer said:

If it requires the actual windows 7 disc I don't know what that thing is.

You don't need the disc. As Maes said, best to just start over. You can download a legitimate Windows 7 iso from Microsoft, write it to a USB stick and go from there. Here you go:


If you've lost your product key, you can recover it with something like this:


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If you bought a brand-name (why would you do this?) computer you can probably restore it easily. Most have a partition with a factory image for the HDD. You just need to find the key combination to boot to the restore thing. On Dell computers it used to be CTRL+F11 iirc.

If the BIOS screens at the start don't tell you how then check your manuals/support website/tech support line. They'll know..

If you built your own PC or just had some shop do it then ignore my post and do what durian suggested.

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Aliotroph? said:

You're not going to tell us what it is?

He probably bought a Mac. Or drank so much Jack Daniels that he forgot about the problem.

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