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Questions about megawads and classes(looking for some in particular)

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i recently discovered the nice wad Samsara,that allows you to have different classes in your game,taken from different games(some also non-id engines based)with their respective weapons,to be also used online(or mainly should i say).its very nice but..i wanted more characters...

enters Classic rivalry,found online with tons of classes and weapons.unbalanced and messy,according to some,and maybe it is,but i just don't care ,as i use it mainly offline and for private use,and i like to have as much weaponry as possible.

good then,but then again...i'd still like more characters\classes and weapons..so i would like to ask:

are there other wad based on other fps characters that i can "add" to classic rivarly?(i'd say samsara,but i'm sure i won't be able to play online anymore).or that i can add as classes?

for example i'd like to have In pursuit of greed weapons and items,or Cybermage's weapons,or Killing time's and so forth and so on.

or a megawad that includes all of the above? :P

thanks in advance for your help

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