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New Doom Map

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At least you should have told us that:

1. It's for Doom 1.
2. It's ZDoom compatible and requires crouching.

Then, it doesn't work in Zandronum, because of incorrect texture markers: It should be SS_END, not SS_STOP.

Then, it's a really newbie-esque map. Very cramped and linear, and with horrible texturing/alignment issues. As a result, it looks ugly. Gameplay is the dumbest shooting gallery imaginable with no challenge involved - feel free to propose more varied combat situations. The exit room is completely wrong, high-HP Barons break all remaining signs of balance, and there's a random mandatory crouching moment. New weapons don't save this wad at all - actually, I disliked the new shotgun sound. Whenever you incorporate custom content, better do it for a reasonable purpose. That said, all of this could use heavy improvement.

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Nice quick level. Pressing the exit switch was the most challenging part lol. I guess you're supposed to crouch but I played in prboom-plus where there is no crouching so I had to find a very specific angle from where I could reach that switch, it was funny. I didn't like two barons at the end (too boring), the rest is fine by me. Played with idmus26.

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Yup, nice and quick. I liked the new shotgun though a different or no new sound might have been better. The new chaingun made me trigger happy and want to keep firing in short bursts as I ran through for fun. You shouldn't have had 2 barons at the end, also they could not get out the exit area so they were just kinda stuck there and not able to threaten me much.

I liked it I had fun. I didn't really mind the simple combat though since I'm in a pretty chill mood so that was just fine with me :P

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