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In this wad doomguy must face his hardest enemy yet and defeat Kevin the final boss in order to save the universe from total destruction. Murderworld is an 8 level long wad filled with high octave action and subversive puzzles. Thinking outside of the box is highly recommended. This wad is recommended for mature audiences who are used to highly disturbing imagery and concepts beyond human rationale.

This is my first wad. I appreciate any input.

It is recommended to use ZDoom and compatibility options doom (strict).

Hope you like it!

Download link:

EDIT: I didn't except these much support and input this soon. I'm taking all your contributions into account when i make the prequel.

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Here is a screenshot of the start area in MAP01, taken in ZDoom. Consequent maps looked very similar.

No, I don't like this at all, sorry. It's not only nonsensically structured, messy and ugly, but even completely glitched out and full of HOMs and unclosed sectors, as it seems.

EDIT: But the music. The music! The music!!! Is just mental.

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This needs a shitload of fixes, I started map01 and was very disappointed. I couldn't make any progress in the map, let alone even begin to understand where I was supposed to go.

Edit: I quit on map03, once you get the radsuit, the map breaks.

Edit2: I took a screencap in DB2, format issue maybe?



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Breezeep said:

I'd rather start again from scratch.

What I meant was, maybe he changed formats in Doom Builder.

Edit: It appears that might not be the case.


Also, I enjoyed the middle finger room in map03.

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Music is high quality, maybe 8/10 or 9/10. But the rest of the levels need serious work.

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SuperCupcakeTactics said:

Well that was something... I don't think you should have that music because it scared me (made me switch to default doom 2 music) and the map names scared me too... it frightened me.

I'm sorry if I offended you with the scary undertones and music in this wad. I did put up a warning about disturbing content in the post, but maybe i didn't highlight it enough.

If it makes you feel any better it scares me too sometimes...

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Played through this yesterday. Had quite a bit of fun with it. I found MAP01 to be the most creative one, but all maps had excellent elements in them.

Looking forward to the sequel!

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rdwpa said:

But the rest of the levels need serious work.

I'll elaborate. The visuals aren't actually terrible -- some might call it "stylistic suck" -- and you do a good job of using Doom's textures to portray complete nonsense. But that's inconsequential because it's a total chore to move from point a to point b. Make the lanes of movement wider and better defined. And add spiderdemons. I feel like you're relying on walls to separate areas when you can use spiderdemons.

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Aren't this a jokewad? From description it looks like that... so i don't get why people are so pissed off about this...

EDIT: played this, and... uhm, it's "ok" for a jokewad...

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