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How to disappear monsters

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Hi there, fellow doomers.

I was looking at this monster spawning tutorial by chubz, and I was wondering if there's a way to make the monsters "go away" or disappear (time or action based), exactly the opposite from what he's doing. This is, after certain action/certain amount of time has passed, the monster disappears (both "physically" and from the "kills percentage"; something like "you didn't kill me in time, now forget it!").

Now, even though I can understand the tutorial (in part because he explains it perfectly), that probably doesn't mean I understand scripting, but anyway, I appreciate what you can say because a)it can be useful for other people (who does understand scripting), and b)maybe some day I'll learn scripting properly and I won't have to ask this again :P

Also, even though I'm based on chubz' tutorials, I would love to know if this can be done in another source port (3DGE, Eternity, Doomsday, Risen3D...?).

Bonus points if you can make it as clear as chubz :)

Thanks in advance, and good day.

EDIT: Also, I think this is highly unlikely, but is this possible in vanilla/Boom-compatible and/or limit-removing ports?

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rdwpa said:

You can use the TeleportOther special to send monsters spawned with TIDs to a sector outside of the playable map.

Thanks man, I appreciate that (very useful, ZDoom seems to have a ton of features), but I was referring to something a little different. I meant, "eliminate" monsters, as in "they no longer exist, they don't count towards the end-of-level counter". What I mean is, monsters actually disappear and are no longer "a thing". Like when you capture a piece in chess. The piece is just no longer in there. It can not be used further. It takes no part in the game anymore. It "disappears".

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Zed said:

EDIT: Also, I think this is highly unlikely, but is this possible in vanilla/Boom-compatible and/or limit-removing ports?

I'm afraid that no, it really isn't. At best, you can create an excessive mesh of monster teleport lines on all places accessible by the monsters, but block the teleport destinations (by Lost Souls, or decorative things), then at some point unblock it (by a conveyor belt, or letting the Lost Souls out) and let all the monsters teleport under crushers. If you stack multiple tiny crusher sectors next to each other, then each of them will deal damage, and the monsters can be killed almost instantly.

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