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small dm map

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I made this a few years ago when I was part of mr rockets dm map pack, never got round to totally finishing it. but here we go


limit removing port needed, pref around 5 players. just want some feed back on gameplay please

I would add screenees but images are coming out in .png and go all skewiff an not sure how to change doom to take jpg shots (that's even if u can)

edit link updated with new ver

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PNG is much better than JPG for taking screenshots in Doom, and everybody seems to post PNG screenshots. In fact, the /newstuff rules literally say that all screenshots in /newstuff should be in PNG. With JPG, you lose precision, which is undesired when you want to show something beautiful in its pixelated-ness, like Doom environment is.

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I'll quote this nice post by Wilou:

[WH]-Wilou84 said:
I always take my screenies as .jpgs, it's done on purpose. It's like a good piece of lingerie : it shows just enough to tease, nothing more.

I don't like when modern games are advertised with Photoshop'd screenies, you always end up disappointed somehow.

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hex11 said:

8-bit 320x200 PCX is the only real authentic way for Doom screenshots.

640x400 paletted PNG is principially the same, but usually better looking. ;)
And an average size of such a screenshot is around 100 KB.

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