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Vintage Doom Music - orchestrated original compositions

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Soundcloud link

This is an on-process of composing music that captures the emotion of Doom's level music.
Using only instruments of the classical orchestra, since this requires a similar skill set as composing for the midi format.

There are a lot of musical tributes, quotes and Easter-eggs sometimes straight, some concealed.

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Currently there are 29 Tracks uploaded

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Doom spellbound, drew me in to an experience that is unique and never been repeated since.
Doom is the greatest, most influential game I played in my life.

One part of the experience, is the music.
There is not a comparable feeling, of toastin' hordes of demons, while in the background plays a music,
that conceives a range of emotions, reaching from: Adrenaline-driving, up-beat, crushing, desolate and fearful.
Often misunderstood: the music in Doom (1993) is not simply Heavy-Metal. Ranging from Metal/ Rock, to Blues, to Pop-like, Orchestral, Electric and purely Ambient.
The music was heavily influenced by using the format, that is MIDI.
Not unlike classical music, this introduces several limitations to how the way of composition,
still, it managed to conceive a wide range of emotions.
How does one manage, with the limitations of midi, or early baroque music, to compose anything complex,
even remotely sophisticated?

Part of the answer is: Classical, basic forms of musical composition: Melody, Harmony, Rhythm.

This is an art, that is unfortunately getting lost in the modern, industrialized age of gaming.
Governed and often stream-lined creativity:

Most first-person-shooters feel the same?
Most first person shooters are musicaly accompanied by either: Heavy-Metal (heavy imagery = heavy music),
Bombastic/ epic orchestra-mockups. This is powerful music, but it all results in feeling flat, tiring, obtrusive.

Philosophosaurus, is that a dino?
I would say have been dedicated to that experience, dare saying, feeling home where Doom (1993) is. My daddy is the Cyberdemon, my mother is the Spider-Mastermind.
Compelled into the state of reliving that feeling over and over.
Spellbound by that trusted, familar feeling.

Now that's why I'm composing Vintage Doom Music.


I'm looking for means of releasing and posting the music.
Either a dedicated blog or website.
This is an on-going process, I will continue contributing compositions. I'm looking to find an audience that can share the same passion before the process to officially contribute them to the community.

Thank you very much.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Not trying to be rude here, but don't you think the DOOM game is greater than just some slug-a-thon? Sure, you have the baddies, the music, the technology; but what about what's inside? The code, the ports, the public outcry in slayings, heralding DOOM as the great Satan of the movie/game industry? The books, the movie....
Now that's the Tchaikovsky and classical masters I know...

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I don't entirely understand that post.

I conside Doom as one of the greatest games ever done, it's cultural impact is almost unmatched. Just like Star Wars for movies.
Considering it the Mozart (or Tchaikovsky) of the gaming world.

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I uploaded a new track.
The first that's not a direct stylistic quotation of another track.

GRAVE DESIRE on Soundcloud Link

A slowly paced track that's keeping the tension up.
It's in a rare time signature of 5/4.

It's the kind of music I would like to hear if your tipping on your feet through a demon infested base, where you know a ominous presence lies behind the next corner.

Thank you very much.

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Not trying to be rude again, but this is something I see on message boards and in society in general.

I'm kind of interested in collaborating with you, see my original message in this directory 'Calling musicians new and old'. Just say anything, like 'Yo, Billy, help'. (cheap spaghetti).

Working on vocals can be difficult:

You're replies aren't half as interesting as your original message. The original message. The reply is like 'Ho hum, this isn't interesting, 4000 infestations plus mine, yea, thats it, like an infested base'.

What did it taste like? Orange or Grape soda? Was it like a juicy piece of steak? Was it my mother's giant butt? Did you steal some smokes from your dad, one for each of us? Were they real carltons that we can smoke with some kitchen matches? Musical CHAIRS?

Anyway, soundcloud doesn't work with my browser. Do you have it on YouTube? Maybe you can email them to me and it isn't soundclouds fumble. You can hear whole albums on YouTube for a reverb foot pedal with chorus advertisement.

We were brothers,
'"I'll 'Pedal' a different messageboard"

The tequilla?

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Hello there.

I probably went over your message a bit sorry.

I will upload the sound project to YouTube in near future. Because it probably get's a lot more feedback.

That's unfortunate to hear you can't visit Soundcloud.
I guess it's a welcome greet to the modern internet, where half of the Browsers get prohibited their access, because they are outdated, incompatible or anything (means you are OLD!).

I will also release the project as a Doom WAD/Music Pack. But not before I released some more tracks to the public. Allthough there are about 20 tracks, the project is ongoing for an unspecified timespan (lifetime probably). A few more are needed to fill all of Doom 1+2.

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Even if you are updating the project elsewhere now, I'll be keeping tabs on it.

I very much appreciate the work and enjoy it!

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Hey, I listened the first seven tracks, nice songs. In the first two, I thought the drum beat was quite modern for the title vintage, but then I realized you meant 1993 vintage, not classical orchestra vintage as I was expecting. Still, I preferred the tracks without drums, although the drum sampler was pretty good, sounded more real then the ones I'm used to hear.

I noticed the original Doom songs elements, like 12 bar blues progressions, staccato strings and such. Good work.

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Hey there!

I just wanted to take note that this project has been making progress.
Currently there are 29 Tracks released on Soundcloud

The project will be a Music Pack/Wad to replace all of Doom 1 & 2!
With new original compositions that emulate their respective counterparts using only classical Instruments.

One of the first or few Doom music projects that goes a different way and captures the midi format with acoustic music,
instead of going the all Metal way.

The project still needs some decisions of how/where to assign tracks to corresponding level. All help is welcomed making those decisions!

See the original (updated) thread at Doomsday Forums


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Reminds me of the soundtrack to the first Ratchet & Clank game. Just needs some vuvuzelas and robot-servo-sounding synth and it'd be dead on.

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