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Vintage Doom Music - orchestrated original compositions [thread-link]

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Hello there.

I started a new project, devoting my untired addiction to the feeling of what it is, to play Doom (1993).

You might describe it as:
What if Doom was remade, and it was 1993.

Maintaining the acoustic nature of it's music. No Heavy-Metal, No Bombastic Epic Orchstral Music, no adrenaline driven Electric music.
Just accoustic. Relying on only instruments, that are part of the classical orchestra.

Take a look at the
original post

Soundcloud link

This is a on-going process I like to distribute and share.

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My goal is to capture the original feeling and if someone can perceive what I'm trying to conceive, then I'm achieving the intentions.

This is an on-going process I will continue release and contributing to.

I'm looking for ways to distribute the music.
Unsure if using Soundcloud, a blog or a dedicated website.

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