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particle performance in the inspector window

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I noticed that when viewing a psrticle in the inspector, its frame rate is very low unless you twirl the mouse around inside the window. It will then appear to run at fill fps.

Is there any way to have it running at full fps all the time or is this intentional?
Is this because im running it off the cd?
Bonus question: I once was able to spawn particles inside the game itself, how do I do that? Is it by running editparticles from the console while in a windowed mode game?

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Well, first you need to twirl the mouse clockwise instead of counter clockwise to have any effect. Second, particles are not related to full fps so clearly you are using a mac instead of a Microsoft computer. Third, spawning particles within the game causes a dimensional fissure that will consume the soul of both you and I so please don't go there.

Hey look, it appears the fissure also influences time as you are both here AND in hell: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post-hell/71996-particle-performance-in-the-inspector-window/

cyber_slunk said:

Is this because im running it off the cd?

Yes, yes it is.

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