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Undead Merc

Psychophobia for Doom 2

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I noticed how no one ever talks about this mod. This is one of those mods that was mostly forgotten, mainly because it was never uploaded onto Doomworld forums due to it's size. The download is a whopping 277.84mb.

It was made by the guys to made Zbloodpack for Doom 2 which much of the Doomworld community has very polarizing opinions towards. Some people loved Zbloodpack while others hated it. Me, I personally liked it.

As for Psychophobia, I simply wondered what the Doomworld forums would make of it if it ever was uploaded to IDgames. I played it and while I enjoyed it my only complaint was that some areas of the levels were ripped from Zbloodpack.

The features for the game are as followed.

- new weapons
- new monsters
- new textures
- new music
- new sounds
- new decorates
- new Hud
- new maps
- new Episodes
- and many other different things

- all decorate things are now breakable (also the originals from Doom2)
- light effects
- new monster deaths

Download can be found here:

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I like it. Heh, I'm actually writing music for it. All the MP3 songs are the ones I've made. I really gotta get back into finishing up Episode 2 and waiting for more from Episode 3.

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This had quite a bit of attention a year or so ago, somebody got it running on Zandronum. It was pretty fun, but would crash here and there and have the occasional texture error.

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Your not alone there were a few levels that had some serious frame rate hiccups(I only remember the hunted mansion level being one of them). Still I really wish this could have been uploaded to ID Games. Sadly there's a size limit towards how big an upload can be. As a result, unless the developers make a smaller version, it looks like the only place that'll have it for download is Moddb.

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Not a fan at all of Psychophobia. Level design is pretty bad. I could forgive the stolen resources if the mod played well.

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