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3DGE Model Pack v1.1

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I started this project due to the fact that every high end source port has a 3D model pack except for 3DGE, and I felt that 3DGE definitely deserves one. This is a port of the Vavoom 3D model pack that was made by Sir Juddington, and full permission has been given by Sir Juddington to make this project a reality. The contents of this pack may only be reused with his permission.


- Unzip the contents to your 3DGE directory, and drag and drop the 3DGE Model Pack v1.1 or v1.1b WAD onto the 3DGE executable.


- All models are now in MD3 format.
- Added muzzle flashes to all weapons.
- HUD weapon DDF's have been rewritten so that weapons flow much better.
- Updated the HUD shotgun model. It is held slightly different and it has a new reloading animation.
- Packed in a low end version of the model pack, v1.1b, for users who might experience frame rate issues. This version makes the monster corpses disappear very quickly so as to free up more RAM. Turn off dynamic lights when using the low end version 1.1b for an even greater increase in performance.


- Download 3DGE at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/edge2/
- Buy Doom Classic Complete at: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/18397/
- Hard times? Strapped for cash? Then download and support the Freedoom project at: https://freedoom.github.io/download.html

Tech Talk:

It is a very good idea to make sure that your computer has the recommended specs that Corbin listed on the 3DGE Wiki:

- Pentium-class 1.0 GHz CPU or faster (1.2 GHz recommended for modern modifications).
- 128MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended).
- Hardware accelerated 3D card with OpenGL drivers. Should be at least a Voodoo, but you'll need better, especially if you want to use dynamic lights along with the models.

Future Plans:

- Add colored lights to the power ups.
- Update the HUD weapon models even more.
- Update the Zombieman and Shotgun Guy models.
- Redo the Imp's walking animation.
- Update the Pinky model.

Known Bugs and Issues:

- Some scenery models like the candlbra in E1M1 are facing the wrong direction.


*Edit: Download link, duh! Sorry about that, here it is:


*Edit2: Fuzzy blocks are not a bug.

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Like I said before, this project is awesome and a really good showcase of what 3DGE can do with 3D models.

The invisibility issue is a result of the fuzzymap and cannot be changed, unless the muzzle flash wasn't a part of the model itself. MD5, though, will correct this issue when its ready as the format uses a form of tags for different pieces of one model.

Actually, I have a real basic form of MD5 support finished, so I'll make a new executable and upload tonight.

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Very good. (Except for weapon 1st person models)
I'd ask 2 questions
How can one make those cool skins?
May I try to convert this to GZDoom format?

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Thanks! This is a conversion of the old Vavoom model pack to the 3DGE engine. My initial goal was to only do a 1:1 port, but the more that I worked on it, the more I realized that I want to go beyond that. This pack is still a work in progress, and there is a LOT of work that needs to be done. I'm in the process of tweaking several of the models, redoing several animation sequences, and even making all new models from scratch.

The skins are part of the original Vavoom model pack, and I'm not sure of the exact process that was used to make them. Personally, I make and edit my own model skins by using GIMP. I don't own the original Vavoom model pack. That would be Sir Juddington. If you would like to convert this to GZDoom, then you would have to get his permission to do so.

*Edit: Ask Dark Assassin about GZDoom models. He has put together an amazing pack for GZDoom. Check his Git Hub page for download links.

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The enemies are ok for the most part by those HUD weapons really need to be improved, some of them look even worse than those old ones in JDoom/Doomsday. I can also see this going together with a hi-res texture and sound pack.

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Those weapons are really nice although I'm not so sure about them being sideways like modern shooters, certainly better looking than those MD2 weapons in certain model packs. Those torches really give me a Quake III Arena engine vibe.

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Totally understood. The HUD weapons are my main focus right now, and I'm in the process of changing them out completely. I also have plans for the Zombieman, Shotgunner, and Pinky models.

I'm planning on eventually getting around to doing something with High Res textures, too. That is a ways off, though.

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Thanks! This is still a very early WIP and there are a lot of things that I need to work on, so please bear with me. I'm currently redoing HUD weapons, and then I'll get to monster models.

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